Rebuild the Wall                   "Positioned in Time at the Right Gate"    

Listed below are others who are involved in rebuilding our homes, communities, and cities through programs that impact individual lives and families.

Coordinating Ministry:
Gates of the City
        Ross & Ruth Willard
        6 Creekside Drive
        Enola PA  17025
        717-732-0910 office






In 2011 and into 2012 we held meetings on the first day according to the Hebrew calendar to celebrate "Rosh Chodesh".  At thiese gatherings we learned about the Hebrew month, tribe, and the gate associated with it.    

Sensing that we are entering into "Phase II" of the rebuilding the wall, we are anticipating a new strategy as we seek the Father's Plan.  The very next thing on the agenda is a gate tour of Harrisburg PA "Circle the Gates".  Please read through the information below and contact us to make your reservation.  At the dinner we will share more of what we are sensing is next. 

Next Meeting:     
Saturday, September 28, 2012  

"Circle the Gates"                                                    Registered Event  - Transportation will be provided.
2 pm till 5 pm   Meet at Hoss's Steak House in Enola, PA

Followed by dinner and a meeting in the back room of Hoss's Steak & Sea House in Enola, PA.  You MUST make a reservation.  The attendee is responsible for their meal and an offering will be taken!

Join us for one part of the day or both!  Go to the Contact Us Page, fill in the form and tell us what part you want to attend.  You will be sent more details about the day.




Gates of the City

Upcoming Events

On the contact us page, fill in the information form.  Use the comment section to communicate your interests. 
Donations/Registration Fees:  You can mail a check made out to MFJ, Gates of the City, 6 Creekside Drive, Enola PA  17025
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